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Makati City – Metro Manila

Entertainment | Royal Club

I can confidently say that this was the best experience I’ve ever had a club and I’ll be repeating my story to everyone for a long time! Our night started at Giligans, which is a restaurant a we decided to try with some good deals for beer and cocktails. Giligans also served food as well so we were able to snack on some French fries to keep our stomachs steady and prepare us for the night.

We arrived at Royal Club at 10.30pm. We paid for entry, which also gave us two free drinks each. We walked in and the club was completely empty. There were only security and waitstaff hanging around waiting for people to arrive. We decided to have a look at the drinks menu. There were so many options and packages available. My partner was curious about this Belvedere Vodka package that came with chasers, but a bit hesitant because it would mean we would have a whole bottle just to the both of us and we were leaving tomorrow. The waiter said we were still able to take it back with us if we don’t finish it by the end of the night. We still ordered it anyway.

While we waited for that to come along, I asked the waiter if we can sit down in one of the reserved areas while we’re waiting for others to arrive. He checked with management, and was able to sit us in an area close to the DJ on the dance floor. Even though there weren’t many people yet, we were having the time of our lives already because the music was so good and we were just dancing to ourselves. They gave us cat ear headbands, Hawaiian floral necklaces and free hair elastics. People started to arrive around 11.30-midnight, and our Belvedere came out in a toy plane with lit sparklers coming out of it! On top of that, promoters would be walking around with free shots from a syringe like we were drinking medicine. ????

Our waiter was so great, we looked after us the whole night. Kept the crowd away from our area and making sure our cups were always filled. At one point, he came back and approached me with a pen and paper and asked for our names. He returned and told us to look at the screen behind the DJ. We looked up and we saw “Von Voyage Rosheen & Anthony.” We were so overwhelmed! The night couldn’t get better! The crowd was great and everyone was dancing. The DJ’s song selections were always on point. Later in the night, we had a special guest walking around the club. It was someone in robot costumes on stilts and he was just reflecting lasers everywhere. Amazing.

We tipped our waiter one last time and we decided to leave the night at its peak. Security just outside were just as helpful. He helped us get a taxi and translate to the driver to take us back to Makati. It was the best way to spend our last night in the Philippines before we returned to

Sydney. We will definitely come back to this place.

Hotel | Dusit Thani ★★★★

Unfortunately, after all the amazing resorts we’ve experienced in Boracay and Palawan, we were expecting a lot more from Dusit Thani. The only highlight for us would have been breakfast. Great variety and cooked well. Juices were fresh. The foyer was also nice. However, as for the room we were in, we thought it looked quite dated. We weren’t sure if the antique look is what they were achieving, but even then, one of the lights weren’t working and the hallway smelt damp. The bathroom had the shower incorporated with the bathtub. It was bearable, but we were expecting more especially for what we paid. Staff could have been more attentive. After checking in, we went straight up to our rooms but not sure whether they would bring it up for us. Then we decided to go back down and check and that’s when we were escorted to our room even though we already found the room ourselves. Standards aren’t on par with the rest of the resorts we’ve stayed in. 10/10 for location though! SM Mall, Landmark and Glorietta (shops) were literally across the road.

Shopping | Greenhills

Greenhills felt like a unique shopping adventure. The mission was to get the thing you want at the lowest price you can get. They all speak English and are very good salespeople. The knockoffs of prestigious brands were pretty good and sometimes it would be hard to tell the difference. The shoes, wallets, bags and watches were quite high quality. We steered away from jewellery, makeup looks and clothes. There was a level above the ground floor markets where they would sell all things technology like iPhones, cases, laptops, etc. The only downside to Greenhills is seeing the poor just outside the markets. When you’re holding too many shopping bags, you’re a target for beggars. We were lucky that our private car driver was quick to drop us off and pick us up, we were in and out within minutes when we needed to. It was our second time there and each time we loved our shopping experience there.

Shopping | Mall of Asia

We visited MOA the same day we went to Greenhills. At the time we went, there was a lot of construction and we felt like there was no sense of direction in the way they structured the mall. The prices and sales weren’t that much better than Sydney. You would see stores like H&M, Zara, Nine West, Lacoste, etc. It was like a Westfield which wasn’t too new for us. However, we experienced Chilis and it was heaven in our mouths. Although an American franchise, their menu still had a lot of variety and all for a very good price. In our opinion, we felt like there wasn’t much to see there that wasn’t too different from Sydney, which is why we prefer Greenhills. Perhaps it would be better when all the renovations and construction has completed.

Shopping | Glorietta

Some people say they love getting lost in shopping malls. And if you do, you go to Glorietta. You’d think if they sectioned into five different sections it would be easy to navigate your way one at a time, but it’s just too difficult to find your way. In saying that, keep in mind that we are tourists and tend to get lost in general. The shops and food in there have a great variety from luxurious brands to more generic and affordable boutique brands. For food/snacks/drinks, you can have Chow King, Serenitea, Jollibee, KFC, McDo and we even ran into an Outback Steakhouse – possibly a place you can go to if you feel a little homesick. Shopping at Glorietta, whichever section you are in, is always a good experience though. It really is at the heart of Makati and it is a good balance of high end and moderate range of shopping.

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