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Puerto Princesa Day Tours.

Puerto Princesa City Tour

Duration 3 hours
Tour Code: IDDTPPS40

Visit the Palawan Museum located at the Mendoza Park. Here we get an impression of the history, art and culture of the people and their mythology of this island group. Proceed to the Plaza Cuartel, the beautiful Immaculate Conception Cathedral, and the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre (formerly Crocodile Farming Institute) a showcase of successful conservation project.

The farm breeds two endangered species found in the country including the endemic Philippine Crocodile. There is also a mini zoo where the colourful Nicobar Pigeon, the raucous talking mynah, the elusive bearcat, and other animals found in Palawan are sheltered.

See the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm. In the prison without walls, inmates tend vast farms instead of idly spending time behind bars.

Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour

Duration 3 hours
Tour Code: IDDTPPS41

Just a few minutes north of the city proper, hop onto a boat and go island hopping at Honda Bay located in the mid-eastern coast of the city. Take your pick from dozens of white sand beaches.

Each island at Honda Bay offers different thrills; Snake Island has a sandbar that slithers on the surface of the sea, much like the critter that bears its name. It is best for snorkeling, swimming or simply basking in the sand. It can be reached in an hour by pump boat. Pandan Island, Starfish Island and Pambato Reef are all great for swimming and snorkeling.

Small reef and aquarium fish can also be found here. Among the well-known dive sites here are Pandan Island which has good reefs with an abundance of coral formation and fish.

Underground River Tour

Duration 5 hours
Tour Code: IDDTPPS42

A World Heritage Site, this natural wonder features an 8.2-kilometre navigable Underground River, reputed to be the world’s longest that winds through a spectacular cave before emptying out into the South China Sea. Cathedral chambers, wide hallways, and interesting geological formations greet the wide-eyed visitor to the grotto hidden beneath St. Paul Mountain. At the mouth of the cave, ancient trees growing right of the water’s edge frame a clear lagoon. Monkeys, large monitor lizards, and squirrels find their niche on the beach near the cave. Visitors can also enjoy bird watching, mountain trekking, a mangrove paddle boat tour and exploring the deeper part of the forest.

From the jetty, take a boat to the park where you board paddle boats to the Underground River. Local guides will lead the cruise that will take about an hour and 30minutes round trip.

Iwahig Firefly Tour

Duration   3 hours
Tour Code: IDDTPPS43

The river is clear, wide and deep, winding through dense jungles on either bank.

Start with a little kayaking with an able river guide who will tell you all about the magic of jungle mangroves and will do a bit of sky navigating. Watch hundreds of fireflies clustering on their favoured fragrant mangrove trees, and doing their electric love dances. It is an amazing sight, just like Christmas!

As you paddle on the water, bioluminescent planktons add magic to the experience as they help in guiding your way in the midst of the mangroves, providing sparkling-like lights along the way. 

The river “cruise” will take about 45minutes.

Ugong Rock Wall Climbing

Duration 4 hours
Tour Code: IDDTPPS44

Drive north about 1hour and 30minutes to Barangay Tagabinet in Puerto Princesa .

Ugong Rock has taken its name from the echoing sound of the rocks produce when tapping it. It starts at the base of a limestone karst mountain that is 110 meters high, and about 23 million years old. There are magnificent caves, stalagmites, and stalactites to maneuver around.

There are stairs to climb, or walls to rappel. And finally, you are on the top of the world! You are given a choice of descent-zipline, or reverse climb. On zipline, you are harnessed onto the steel cables and with the wind holding you gently, eyes on tops of trees and the glistening rice paddies below, here is silence everywhere except for the sound of your own voice yelling in delight.

Lunch, seafood, vegetables and tropical fruits, prepared with much love and care, by the local community.

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