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Bohol is situated in the heart of Visayas on the southern Philippines. West of Bohol is Cebu, and to the east is Leyte. Along its coastline are the numerous isles of Panglao, Pamilacan, Cabilao, Jao, Mahanay and Lapinin, which are excellent dive spots. Bohol is a throbbing island-province with rolling terrains of hills, crystal springs, verdant rivers, and beaches. While natural beauty is the heart of the land, its very soul is its rich history, replete with ancestral homes and centuries-old churches.

However, beneath the rustic charms of Bohol lies a thousand and one adventures just waiting to unfold. The site of the 1565 blood compact between Rajah Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, Bohol’s history is evident in the province’s relaxed, laid-back pace, with rich cultural heritage.

The Chocolate Hills is but one of the many natural wonders to be found in Bohol. The province is the home of the world’s smallest monkey, the tarsier. The size of a fist, the tarsier lives on hills of Corella, ten kilometers from Tagbilaran. Other exotic flora and fauna can be found amongst the forest of Bohol. Bohol’s various mountainous and water formations also serve as a natural playground for the adventurous tourist. One can cruise the rivers, hike up the hills, swim the deep waters, or just stroll down the avenues. Bohol is just waiting to surprise you.


Things to do
  • Cruise or go river paddle boarding at Loboc River.

  • Admire the magnificent views of the Chocolate Hills.

  • Savour the beauty of Mahogany Forest by motorbike.

  • Check out exotic animals at Tarsier Conservatory.

  • Get adventurous at Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park

  • Visit Danao Adventure Park.

  • Walk across the stunning Bamboo Hanging Bridge


How to get there

The fastest and easiest way to get to Bohol is by air. Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines (PAL), and AirAsia Zest operate multiple flights from Manila to Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol. Travel time is around 1 hour and 15 minutes. From Cebu, it is a 2-hour trip by ferry several times a day. The two main ferries are SuperCat and OceanJet. 

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