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It's more fun in the Philippines

So much to discover

Situated in the sparkling Pacific Ocean, the archipelago of The Philippines is an exciting Southeast Asian tropical destination comprising 7,107 islands, of which 1,000 are inhabited.

Beautiful climate

These islands are a collection of contrasts, from the intense, brooding green of the tropical vegetation, to the blinding white coral sands of the beaches and the aquamarine blue of the tropical seas. Add the heat and humidity, the colourful chaos of the towns and cities, and the brilliant smile on every face, and you have the essence of The Philippines.

Something for everyone

From the bustling metropolis of downtown Manila, to the island and beach life of The Visayas, to the mountain villages of Mindanao in the south and the wild frontiers of Palawan, there’s something for everyone.

Incredible diversity

Renowned for its biodiversity, The Philippines offers incredible natural wonders for dive enthusiasts and adventure seekers to explore; for sun worshippers, there are many stunning coastal resorts.


The Cities

Dinagyang Festival, Iloilo.jpg

The People


The Food


The History


The Fun

Map of the Philippines

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