BORACAY is an island paradise renowned for its radiant beaches lined with palm trees. An ideal destination for families, Boracay offers an abundance of activities such as wind surfing, sail boating and jet skiing. Also a fairytale setting for romantics, it is not uncommon to witness a lavish wedding on the beach or see couples walking hand in hand against picture-perfect sunsets.

Boracay is a small island an hour’s flight south of Manila which, according to Lonely Planet, “holds the crown for the trophy beach of the Philippines”. The island is a 9km long and 1km wide haven of sun, sand and endless fun. Surrender to the laid-back ambience and adopt the barefoot and informal dress code: you will discover that a typical day includes tropical cocktails, sun bathing on powdery white-sand beaches, seaside massages under the shade of a coconut tree and one huge party from dusk till dawn. If you can tear yourself away from the sunshine and warm, crystal-clear waters of the beaches, take a break to stroll around the island’s main hub, D’mall, where quaint little shops await you. Then unwind with a opulent spa experience and a well-deserved pampering session, preparing you for another day at the ultimate beach holiday escape.

This travel destination is guaranteed to make you smug knowing that no one in your friend’s list has been anywhere this beautiful. It boasts of more than a dozen beaches and each one of them is stunning. It’s home to the most fun beach holidays, where there’s something for everyone – from kayaking to parasailing to windsurfing to kiteboarding to paraw sailing to banana boat riding to snorkeling to diving to ziplining to zorbing to shopping to partying to food tripping to sunbathing, the fun just never ends. The best part is you can enjoy all these with one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets at your backdrop. Many see it as the Hawaii of Asia, only more gorgeous. Some call it the million-dollar view, minus the millions. We call it paradise.


  • Take a sunset cruise in a paraw, Boracay’s signature sailboat.
  • Rent an outrigger or yacht and indulge in a little island hopping.
  • Take diving, sailing or windsurfing lessons.
  • Trek or mountain bike to the quaint interior villages.
  • Take a golf break at the Fairways & Blue Water Country Club.
  • Relax in luxury and experience a traditional Filipino massage at one of the popular spas on the island.

Kalibo and Caticlan are less than an hour’s flight from Manila. From Kalibo, Boracay is 90 minutes away by bus and a short boat trip; from Caticlan it is 20 minutes by boat.